sábado, 3 de julio de 2010


...mAkiNg off Off uSerA by sOn AoUjiL, mAdRiD tAraReandO At thE cAthEdRaL;

NeRE gOes tO bEd, EaRLy sHe wAs tiRed, tO mUch NoiSes at thE bArS & LittLe aSiEr stiLL witH uS tryiNg thAt eVerythIng bE be bEeee,,,


-fRoM sEnOLaf hAppy gAy, tRaNs, LeS, LoS, LEttErmAnS, mAry, azU, mErchE, nEkAnE, rOsE mAry, dOgs, mOnkEys & bEaRs pRidE*

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